Meet a Monster Erotica Author – Interview with Morgan Lockheart

morganlockhartOn #MonsterMonday, this blog features interviews with the people who write and publish monster erotica. Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular? Well, we know! Today’s author is Morgan Lockheart.

Tell me about your stories and the monsters they feature!

My first book, Jungle Tentacle Lust is my take on the classic tentacle rape theme, thanks to a sentient plant monster deep in the Amazon rain forest. I love the idea of having one creature that’s able to satisfy every part of your body at once and the thought of being wrapped up and penetrated by slithering vines made me shiver while writing it. I followed it up with Lover of Dragons which features my favourite mythical being, no prizes for guessing what that might be. I wanted to tackle a ‘classic’ monster and what is more classic than a big, fire breathing dragon? I think they’re terrifying and deeply sexy at the same time although the size difference made for interesting writing!

My latest story, A Desire for the Dead is about zombies. Perhaps it’s their relentless nature or their vast numbers but I always find them a little bit erotic. Being overwhelmed by a crowd of them just makes me tingle.

What do you like to call your category? “Monster erotica”, “beast porn”, something else?

I like the term ‘monster porn’. Although I will use the erotica tag on the things I write, it’s not one I’ve ever really liked. Porn is far more direct and honest and, let’s face it, ‘monster erotica’ is quite a mouthful and not in a way I would normally enjoy. Plus I just love it when people ask what I do and I respond by saying ‘porn’ nice and loudly. The look on some peoples’ faces is just priceless.

If there was no such category as monster erotica, what would you call your work?

Before I discovered monster erotica, I tended to refer to my ramblings as ‘Dark Fantasy’ which is a term I’ve seen used a few times. Here in the UK, anything slightly risqué gets labelled ‘Adult’ so perhaps you could say I’m a writer of Adult Beast Fantasies? Hmmm, sounds slightly perverse doesn’t it? Maybe I should get business cards printed up with that on…

Why do you write and read monster erotica? What’s the appeal?

I have tried both reading and writing ‘conventional’ porn but I’m afraid that a lot of it bored me senseless. I am a big lover of sci-fi and fantasy so when it came to writing my own material, I knew I had to write in the same genre. There are just so many possibilities within the realms of fantasy that lie beyond our conventional world, it was too tempting not to indulge myself.

I think the main appeal of these stories is that they are safe. Unlike something like a rape fantasy, there’s no real danger of a dragon carrying me off to ravish me or a band of orcs turning me into their slave. Fantasy has always been a safe place for people to explore their sexuality free from judgement or condemnation and I think monster erotica caters to that. Whether it is through the character actively seducing a raging monster or allowing themselves to be used by the beast, I think it gives a much broader scope for sexual encounters than you would find in mainstream media or conventional porn.

Favorite sexy beast?

Oh so many to choose from, I wouldn’t know where to start! Ok, I think if I had to pick one, I’d have to go with a demon. It’s not just the horns or the hooves, I think there’s something about a creature that wants to corrupt you from the inside out, maybe even turning you into one of their kind. I do so love the idea of being corrupted in mind and body. If I had to pick a more ‘classic’ monster, then it would have to be a dragon or a centaur.

What else do you write?

I’m currently hard at work on my first series of books following the same character, a shape-shifting succubus. I’m aiming for them to be shorter and more indulgent and to satisfy my craving for transformations and futa porn. Hopefully people will enjoy reading them as much as I will writing them.

Outside of naughty stories, I also have two full length novels that I’m busily editing, one a supernatural thriller and the other a crime drama. They’ll be published under a different pen name though as I like to keep businesses separate.

Kiss/kill/marry: Bigfoot, a Grey alien, the Loch Ness Monster

Aw, Bigfoot is adorable so he gets a big kiss from me. I’d love to hang out with him in the woods and relax miles away from anyone else. However, he’d lose out to Nessie in the end who I’d have to marry. Loch Ness is beautiful and I’d adore living there and going swimming with my giant monster lover. When I was younger I used to have nightmares about being abducted so I’d have to kill the Grey even if they could take me to the moon and back. That said, they do like their probes..

What’s the best writing advice you ever heard?

I started as a screenwriter and the best piece of advice I ever learned was from reading the essays of William Goldman: ‘Write the damn thing’. It sounds simple but it’s so true. Once you have something written down, even if it’s terrible, you can work with it, shape it and mould it into something better. Until you have words on paper, you’ve got nothing but ideas in your head and there are thousands of people out there with them.

Since I started writing and self-publishing, I’ve lost count of the number of people who say ‘oh yeah, I’d love to write a book’ but never have. The people who actually do are few and far between. For me, that’s the difference between being a writer and being a dreamer.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for inviting me to be interviewed on your site, it’s a great honour.

I love being part of the erotic literature community and I am proud of both the writers who weave strange new worlds and the readers who want to journey with us. Creative, liberated people are the future so keep reading, writing, dancing, drawing, whatever gives you and those around you pleasure because you rock. Oh and as two very bodacious dudes once said, “Be excellent to each other!”

About the Author

Morgan Lockheart has been writing for many years but only recently decided to descend into the murky world of erotica publishing. Living with two cats in the UK and suffering from a serious dependency on tea and custard creams, writing filthy stories is a way to express whatever fetish or desire is currently exciting Morgan’s fevered imagination.

She describes herself as overly neurotic, secretive and loves to use the word ‘wanton’. She loves to write porn and giggles to think about what her old English teacher would say if he knew. You can find her on Twitter @DMLockheart and blogging at

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