Meet a Monster Erotica Author – Interview with Justine Geoffrey

On #MonsterMonday, this blog features interviews with the people who write and publish monster erotica. Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular? Well, we know! Today’s author is Justine Geoffrey.

blackstone_PRIESTESS_cover175pxTell me about your stories and the monsters they feature!
I’ve got two series going at the moment. The first is BLACKSTONE, which is a long-form narrative that pulls inspiration from the “weird fiction” of the 30s and 40s and pulp authors like H. P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. So the monsters are all either mutated, insane cultists or nameless squidgy god-things from beyond Time and Space! There’s lots of dark magic and strange things going on, rituals and summonings and so on. There’s four books in the BLACKSTONE series so far; two longer novels (Red Monolith Frenzy and Green Fever Dream) and two short pieces (Summonings: Anicka & Kamil and Summonings: Yvette’s Interview) that fill in some of the back story for the main books.

My other series is a gonzo sci-fi exploration of gender and alternate sexuality. So far there’s only one book in it, though I’m working on the second. It’s called Orgy in the Valley of the Lust Larvae. The monsters in it are, naturally, “lust larvae”. I won’t go into more detail. It’s a little bit hentai, a little bit futa, and a whole lotta fun, or so I’ve been told!

What do you like to call your category? “Monster erotica”, “beast porn”, something else?
I like “weird erotica” as opposed to, say, paranormal erotica or other names, because it leaves me open to experiment and not get locked down into my own expectations for what I like or where I want the stories to go. “If it’s weird, it works” is my motto.

If there was no such category as monster erotica, what would you call your work?
Weird erotica. Either that or ELDRITCH SEXY-FUN TIMES.

Why do you write and read monster erotica? What’s the appeal?
For me, it’s all about transgression. Sex should change you, as a person, as a sexual being. Reading about it should do the same, or at least get close to that transformative experience. So, I find regular smut boring. I can do that anytime, why would I want to read about it?

Favorite sexy beast?
Oh, I think I’ve gotta go with the Creature from the Black Lagoon here.

What else do you write?
Other than BLACKSTONE and the Lust Larvae books, not much, although I did recently dip a toe into the editing game with another Martian Migraine Press author. We put out an anthology of weird-erotica based on Lovecraft’s fertility deity, Shub-Niggurath. It was fun working with other writers and building a quality book. In the end it turned out being more horror than smut, but that’s probably for the best, as it’s doing pretty well on the Kindle, taking regular dips into the Top 50 in that category. It’s called Conqueror Womb: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath, if you’re interested.

Kiss/kill/marry: Bigfoot, a Grey alien, the Loch Ness Monster
Ha! Oh, lessee here… actually, I think I’d keep those three in that order! Kiss Bigfoot, kill a Grey (because Communion scared the daylights outta me back in the day!) and marry Nessie. I have a thing for water beasties, I guess!

What’s the best writing advice you ever heard?
“Don’t listen to writing advice, just write.” I think writing is one of those things that, if you just keep doing it day in and day out, and are serious about honing your skills (and not just masturbating with a keyboard) then your writing will improve. It has to. We all know what’s good (in our own work, in the work of others) and we all can tell what’s crap when we read it, so if a writer does it every day, or as close to every day as they can, then yeah, the writing will improve.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Thanks for having me on your blog, Celia! This was fun! 🙂

About the Author

Justine Geoffrey is the author of the Blackstone Erotica series, Orgy in the Valley of the Lust Larvae, and Seawater & Stars: The Last Novel of Gideon Stargrave (with Scott R Jones). She’s also the editor (with Scott R Jones) of the new anthology of weird-erotica The Conqueror Womb: Lusty Tales of Shub-Niggurath. New additions to Miss Geoffrey’s Blackstone series and the sequel to Orgy in the Valley of the Lust Larvae, Planet of the Lust Larvae, are upcoming in 2014. She’d probably eat you alive, mantis-style, if you met her in person (something you might even enjoy) so, just to be safe, you can write to her instead at Or follow her on Twitter @BLACKSTONErotic.

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