Meet a Monster Erotica Author – Interview with Zara Zavaroni

On #MonsterMonday, this blog features interviews with the people who write and publish monster erotica. Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular? Well, we know! Today’s author is Zara Zavaroni.

Final CoverTell me about your stories and the monsters they feature!
So far I only have one creature feature under my belt – Lust & Loch Ness: Loving The Monster. It is the first story in a proposed series featuring the love between a woman and her Nessie.

I have a hundred and one story ideas racing through my head at any given time. Right now I have only written of Nessie and his lover. By this time next week I could have self-published a classic love story featuring a woman and a were-chicken.

What do you like to call your category? “Monster erotica”, “beast porn”, something else?
I prefer ‘Monster erotica’. For me, ‘beast porn’ sounds a bit too much like a Tijuana Donkey Show.

If there was no such category as monster erotica, what would you call your work?
Good question! I love the word ‘bizarre’. Maybe ‘Bizarre & Beastly’? We’re back in Tijuana Donkey Show territory again, aren’t we?

Why do you write and read monster erotica? What’s the appeal?
I think a quote from one of my favourite movies, Chasing Amy, best sums up my thoughts on why I write what I write and read what I read:

“Variety’s the spice of life. I like a wide selection. Sometimes I’m in the mood for nasty close-ups, sometimes I like them arty and air-brushed. Sometimes it’s a spread brown-eye kind of night, sometimes it’s girl-on-girl time. Sometimes a steamy letter will do, sometimes – not often, but sometimes – I like the idea of a chick with a horse.”

Of course, in my case, substitute ‘horse’ for Kraken, King Kong, or some such mythical beast!

Favorite sexy beast?
Godzilla! Okay, I will admit, he’s more cuddly than sexy. He would make you feel secure in those great big hands of his.

What else do you write?
I’ve only just started out self-publishing my short stories so there isn’t a lot of my work out there at the minute. With the exception of Lust & Loch Ness my most ‘out there’ story is a psychedelic erotica by the name of ‘Deflowered’. It revolves around a lonely young lady who wins a rather unusual bouquet of flowers at a fair.

My other stories are more conventional couples’ erotica pieces. The story I am most proud of is ‘Taken By Her Trainer’, a lesbian romance with a very steamy encounter in a sauna. Rowwrr!

I have a full length hardboiled detective erotica set in the Los Angeles porn scene that I’m working my way through slowly, but surely. I also have a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style erotica in the works that I’m very excited about. It’s some way off being published however.

Kiss/kill/marry: Bigfoot, a Grey alien, the Loch Ness Monster
Kiss the Loch Ness Monster (that tongue!)

Kill Bigfoot (think of the rug you could make out of him!)

Marry a Grey Alien (the places he/she could take you!)

What’s the best writing advice you ever heard?
I’m martyr to procrastination. Chuck Palahniuk has some great advice on conquering this with what he calls his “egg timer method of writing”:

“When you don’t want to write, set an egg timer for one hour (or half hour) and sit down to write until the timer rings.  If you still hate writing, you’re free in an hour.  But usually, by the time that alarm rings, you’ll be so involved in your work, enjoying it so much, you’ll keep going. Instead of an egg timer, you can put a load of clothes in the washer or dryer and use them to time your work. Alternating the thoughtful task of writing with the mindless work of laundry or dish washing will give you the breaks you need for new ideas and insights to occur. If you don’t know what comes next in the story… clean your toilet. Change the bed sheets. For Christ sakes, dust the computer. A better idea will come.”

Anything else you’d like to say?
I love interacting with fans and fellow writers. I really appreciate this opportunity to reveal a bit more about myself and discuss my work. If the readers of your fine blog want to keep up-to-date on my writings, or just want to say ‘hello’, they can find me at the following wretched hives of scum and villainy:

About the Author

Zara Zavaroni has been writing erotic short stories sporadically for the last 10 years, but only self-publishing since March 2014. With 5 stories available so far, and 1,000 ideas whirling around inside, Zara constantly worries that she doesn’t write enough. When not hunched over a laptop, Zara enjoys cheesy horror movies and Dundee United Football Club, which is terror of a different kind altogether!

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