Meet a Monster Erotica Author – Jessica Satin

On #MonsterMonday, this blog features interviews with the people who write and publish monster erotica. Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular? Well, we know! Today’s author is Jessica Satin.

coverlowresTell me about your stories and the monsters they feature!
My first erotica story is The Ravishing of Beauty. It’s inspired by the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. Of course, the Beast in my story has some beastly tastes his Disney counterpart doesn’t. My favorite part is that Belle shares his tastes. They are a sadistically twisted couple.

I’m also working on Ravished by Hercules, which follows Hercules and Megara as they complete the twelve labors together while enjoying lots of intense sex. They encounter the Nemean lion, Lernaean hydra, Erymanthian boar, Cretan bull, and of course Cerberus, the three-headed dog. Each of the beasts plays a role in their love making, often in unexpected ways.

What do you like to call your category? “Monster erotica”, “beast porn”, something else?
I write fairtytale and mythological erotica, so beasts and monsters are natural parts of those worlds. I think any of the names for the category are great—monster erotica, beast porn, bestiality. I find it fascinating how different people define “bestiality,” such as it only qualifies if the beast isn’t sentient. Personally, I think it’s bestiality if the sex is between a human and a non-human creature, even if the creature is otherwise sentient like humans. Then again, it doesn’t truly matter to me how it’s defined, as long as everyone is enjoying themselves.

If there was no such category as monster erotica, what would you call your work?
Beastly sexy time stories. Jokes aside, I suppose I would call it beast erotica.

Why do you write and read monster erotica? What’s the appeal?

I’ve often wondered this, especially when I found out about dinosaur porn. I think there’s something very appealing about a powerful beast who has your life in his hands and chooses to give you great pleasure rather than kill you. It’s almost a parody of the large, dominating man.

I also think there’s an appeal to the fantasy—you could never have sex with dragons, bulls, or aliens, but in stories, you can imagine what it might be like. It appeals to both our eager sexual desires and the pleasure we derive from our imagination. There’s humor in it too—is it possible to take dinosaur porn seriously? It’s so fun and ridiculous.

Favorite sexy beast?
Are there any non-sexy ones? I’d have to choose dragons. Preferably Smaug with Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice.

What else do you write?
I’ve also written a new adult romance novel, but I think I might just make it sluttier and publish it as romantic erotica. It’s a Paris love story with a bad-boy James-Dean type man and some hot teacher/student action.

Kiss/kill/marry: Bigfoot, a Grey alien, the Loch Ness Monster
Fuck Bigfoot (sorry, have to go there), kill the Grey alien, marry the Loch Ness Monster.

What’s the best writing advice you ever heard?
Write every day. Even if it’s just for five minutes, committing to your story and your career as a writer is essential. It also feels so good to know that you wrote that day, even if it was just a little.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Love your imagination, let it take you places you never dared go before. I recently had a dream that I was in a sexual situation with the Nemean lion and a big white bull (Zeus in bull form, according to the mythology). It’s so liberating to explore uncharted terrain in your mind. Of course, reading some dirty, shocking stories can help with this too 😉

About the Author
Jessica Satin is a young woman living in a big city with her boyfriend and two fluffy cats. Her first erotic fairy tale, The Ravishing of Beauty (of Beauty and the Beast, of course) has met with rave reviews. Ravished by Hercules is coming soon!

Follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaSatin. She loves hearing from her readers!

Jessica also posts a mix of dirty and beautiful photos and gifs on her Tumblr:

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