Meet a Monster Erotica Author – Interview with Tawny Savage

On #MonsterMonday, this blog features interviews with the people who write and publish monster erotica. Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular? Well, we know! Today’s author is Tawny Savage.

Bigfoot Claims His Mate Cover with no eyes 200 by 300Tell me about your stories and the monsters they feature!
At the moment, I’m working on the final installment of my Bigfoot Chronicles trilogy. Besides the obvious, the true monsters in these stories are the humans. I have plans for novellas centered around demons, a Minotaur, mermen, gargoyles and one of my childhood nightmares…puppets.

I prefer creatures that are more humanoid or at closer to the size of a human so I can wrap my head around how they’d have sex together. Others can tackle the extra large creatures. 😉

What do you like to call your category? “Monster erotica”, “beast porn”, something else?
I like most of them out there: monster erotica, bigfoot erotica/porn, beast love, taboo erotica and dark fantasy erotica.

If there was no such category as monster erotica, what would you call your work?
taboo erotica or dark fantasy erotica would be my choice if I couldn’t categorize it as monster erotica.

Why do you write and read monster erotica? What’s the appeal?
I like the shocked looks I get from people when I tell them what I write. LOL! Seriously, I love the fact there are no rules. There isn’t some group out there telling me I have to have a happily ever after or that I can only have one sexual encounter per fifty pages. I can write the story as short or as long as I want it to be. I can explore some of my own deep, dark fantasies through my characters. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Favorite sexy beast?
Bigfoot is by far my number one. Then there are those sex crazed Centauri from Babylon 5…and of course there are those fabulous dragons. *sigh*

What else do you write?
I pretty much stick to the taboo, monster, dark fantasy erotic but I’m actually one of four pen names. Under two others I write poetry and erotic romance (M/F, M/M, F/F, and ménage). I also have a “good girl” pen name who has a free read on her blog at the moment. It’s a romantic suspense. “Our” evil day job is as a full time veterinarian. Makes for a very busy day let me tell you!

Kiss/kill/marry: Bigfoot, a Grey alien, the Loch Ness Monster
Kill the alien, kiss Loch Ness Monster and marry Bigfoot. LOL!

What’s the best writing advice you ever heard?
Write what you know and what brings your heart happiness. The best promotion is a large back list so get crackin’!

Anything else you’d like to say?
Thank you for having me here today. I’ve had a lot of fun talking about my favorite monsters and my writing.

About the Author

Tawny Savage has always enjoyed reading and writing taboo erotica that can bring all of our deepest darkest fantasies to life. Her tales aren’t for the faint of heart and won’t always have the happily ever after ending. You’ll laugh, cry and want to beat the hell out of some of her characters and that’s just fine with Tawny. She’ll help you do it!

Join her for a ride you’ll never forget! Go ahead and drop a line to her through her publisher , connect with her on Twitter @Tawny_Savage or check out her website Erotic Tales from Tawny Savage.

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7 Responses to Meet a Monster Erotica Author – Interview with Tawny Savage

  1. Tawny Savage says:

    Thank you so much for having me here today, Celia! I love talking about monster and dark erotica.

    • celiadunroy says:

      Thank you for interviewing! So, something that caught my eye–four pen names? How do you manage them?

      • Some days I don’t know if I’m coming or going, but it’s all good. I let my characters dictate what I work on and as what pen name. Tawny is the “new” one. When it gets to be too much, I put one or more of them on “vacation” while the one or two left behind keep working on meeting their deadlines. Of course I don’t have to worry too much about the deadlines since I’m also my publisher…Sassy Vixen Publishing. LOL!

  2. Great interview! (I’m one of Tawny’s other pen names…shhhhh…LOL!)

  3. Reblogged this on Behind Closed Doors and commented:
    Stop in to see what my alter ego Tawny Savage had to say about the monster erotica genre. While you’re there, check out Celia Dunroy’s books!

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